Confessions of a Goodreads Fanatic {Guest post by intern Madison Ward}

Photo by Prasanna Kumar

Photo by Prasanna Kumar

The 8 struggles that every searching reader has probably felt at least once in their life, according to intern Madison Ward:

1. Wanting to read the bad reviews of a book to prepare oneself in case of poor grammar or to see if a book is slow or boring, while also trying to not affect your own opinion of said book.

2. Finding bad reviews that ruin the rating of a book, not because it was bad, but because it wasn’t the reviewer’s “type of book”.


3. Your reading challenge ends up at 0 out of 200 for your yearly goal, because you didn’t set it to “currently reading” before setting it on read.

4. When you’ve read all the books in the recommended section under the good book you just read and don’t know where to go next with your life.

5. When a book that ends up killing the main character gets better ratings than books with a much higher writing IQ, just because Nicholas Sparks made tragedy cool. Some kind of code-word warning would be nice so I know what I’m stepping into.

6. When an author sets a book up to come out at the vaguest possible date, e.g. ‘Published 2017’. WELL! It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year and you haven’t specified an exact date so that I know when I can start quickly re-reading the series before the new one comes out.

7. Or even worse: an author sets a date that everyone is prepared for, and then two months before it is supposed to come out, they set it back five months, or don’t even change it at all, even when that date has already passed.

8. You find out that a book is only an ebook, not printed and published. So even if it’s someone like me, who prefers reading online, if I wanted to, I would never have the chance to have a physical copy to cherish. Some of my friends only read paperback and when I want them to read something, sometimes only an online version exists.  

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