You are Not Too Much


Sometimes you can see the path ahead of you unfurling like a magic carpet. You know that you have to work hard and it’s going to be painful at times.

You know that not everyone wants to see you succeed. You know that not everyone wants to come along on the same route but may meet you at the end. You are derailed when a childhood friend quietly unfriends you and you don’t know why but the story you make up in your head is that you have been TOO MUCH. Too excited. Too self promoting. Too selfish.

So you look at the friends who are flanking you on every side and won’t leave you even if you lose your ever-loving mind. Because they love you even though you can’t seem to catch your breath and don’t have enough time to take care of everyone the way you want to.

You know that the work is going to be worth it. You know your dreams are ahead, just past that door. But right now the end point looks far away.

I don’t know how I’m getting there yet. But I’ll get there. And I am so grateful for the tide of love that sweeps me along when I’m feeling lost.

Kristin Shaw