Dream Kitchen Goes High Tech with LG and Best Buy


When I bought my first house, it was a modest bungalow out in a newly-developed area north of Atlanta, Georgia. It was cookie-cutter and ready-made for us to move in, my then-boyfriend and I, and it felt like home. I was young – still in my mid-20s – and I had a lot to learn.

One of my first big decisions was to buy a couch, a washer and a dryer, and a refrigerator. I have to tell you, it was my dream growing up to have a refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser, and I was determined to have that for myself in my new grown-up life. I was so excited to pick out my own appliance with my own money.

Now, 20 years and a few houses later, I have not on the refrigerator I always wanted, but I have a kitchen where I love to talk to my family (and watch my husband cook – lucky me!)  and a small but effective laundry closet where the sounds of the washer and dryer are so rhythmic that my little boy used to laugh and dance to it.

That little boy is now 8 – nearing 9 – and one of the phrases he uses to describe himself is “always hungry”. Now my dream is to not only have an ice maker and water dispenser, but a window that will reveal what’s inside without him standing there allowing the cool air to deplete, putting all of our groceries at risk.

At the Mom 2 Summit a few weeks ago, I spent some time with the representatives for Best Buy, and they had my dream fridge on site: the LG Instaview Door-in-Door. Their whole kitchen setup was displayed in matte black, which is LG’s new exclusive collection. It’s stainless steel with a low-gloss matte finish that reminds me of the new automotive matte paint jobs. Of course it does, if you know my passion for cars.  

Yes, the LG units are envy-inducing sleek. And they’re also tech-savvy: these LG smart kitchen appliances are wi-fi and voice-enabled, allowing you to control your kitchen appliances remotely, from changing settings, to checking the status, or turning them on or off. These smart appliances would make my life easier, for sure. Especially that little knocking-on-the-glass feature to let me see what’s inside without letting all the good, cold air out.

Maybe the next model can make dinner for us, too. A woman can dream, right?

LG washers and dryers with SmartThinQ® technology will change the way you do laundry. You can start and stop wash cycles remotely, get updates when laundry is done and even receive reminders about scheduled maintenance.

If you have an Amazon Echo, or Google Home Alexa (or Hey Google) can interact with your appliances and help you run a more efficient household.

Here’s just a few examples of LG’s Smart Appliance Capabilities:


  • "Alexa, turn on ice plus for my party tonight"


  • "Hey Google, how much time is left on the range?"
  • (Or use your SmartThinQ app to check the time remaining)


  • Receive a notification that the cycle has finished

If you’re in the market, you may be interested in these offers from Best Buy (which is, incidentally, where I bought that first refrigerator, washer, and dryer so many years ago):

Summer Kitchen Bundle (5/10 – 7/11)

  • Purchase a 4-piece Kitchen Bundle and receive up to $400 INSTANT rebate.  LG and LG Studio models are eligible for this offer.
  • The offer covers both Memorial Day and Independence Day.

LG Ultimate Laundry Room Rebate (5/10 – 7/11)

  • Purchase a qualifying laundry bundle and receive up to a $400 rebate

Drop in at your nearest Best Buy or visit BestBuy.com to learn more about these LG Matte Black Kitchen Appliances. The next time I need to heat up the oven and I’m racing home to make dinner, I can call it in remotely. Now, that’s what I call smart.

* * * 

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card

Kristin Shaw