ACL Style 2017: What Are You Wearing?


At Austin City Limits, anything goes!

Every year, the people watching for ACL music festival is on point. The footwear, the dresses, the rompers, the hair, the piercings, and the tattoos are all fascinating to see. There is a certain style of festival wear you'll see on a regular basis: big, floppy hats to protect faces from the relentless sun, shorts and tank tops, and sandals of all kinds.

In fact, some people are minimalists when it comes to clothing, opting to showcase their ink without cover. We hope they're wearing sunscreen.


This year, we're seeing a return to some of the fashions from the early 90s, like short overalls, crop tops, sheer tops with bikinis underneath, and the ubiquitous Converse high-tops in all colors.  The short-top, slip-on Converse seem to have exploded in popularity as well. We did see silver boots, cowboy boots, Hunter rain boots, and short boots of all shapes and sizes.

You can purchase clothing and accessories at ACL, too - we saw hand-screened t-shirts and dresses, belts, koozies, jewelry, and more, along with the standard ACL apparel and souvenir shops.

Also, Aviation Nation has two pop-up shows at ACL - one by the Chipotle in the village near the AmEx stage, and the other in the VIP area.


Aviator Nation was born in Paige Mycoskie's garage in Venice Beach in 2006, and has since grown into a global lifestyle brand. Paige taught herself to sew and recreate vintage pieces reminiscent of the 1970s fashions she is her passion.

Paige first sold Aviator Nation at a local street fair in 2007 opened the first Aviator Nation retail store in Venice, California, in 2009. Paige began hosting free concerts on the back patio of her store to support her other passion: music.  According to her site, Paige believes in the universal power of music to unite people for positive change.

In 2012, Aviator Nation launched a partnership with Austin City Limits Music Festival. Mycoskie curated a signature Aviator Nation experience in the artist's lounge inspired by the Woodstock music festival.   She also designed ACL x Aviator Nation merchandise that sold out both weekends of the festival.  The merchandise continues to sell out year after year, so if you want to check it out, go early in the weekend.

Bottom line: it's always hot at ACL. Be cool, be comfortable.... be you. 






Kristin Shaw