Featured at TODAY Parents: The Talk I Had with My Son Before School Today

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It's not too much for me to ask my son to be better than I was as a kid. It's not too much for me to expect that things could be different now.

I’m not taking it for granted that my son knows that kids and parents come in all shapes, sizes, genders, religions, and colors. Talking about how people are different is not separating them, it’s uniting them under one category: human. Friends of different abilities and of color have taught me that the right thing to teach my kid is not to be difference-blind, but to be difference-inclusive. Talk about how people are distinctive… uncommon… unique… and celebrate those differences. Embrace them.

If I do my job well as a mother of a future adult leader, then I am raising a son who will grow up to be empathetic and kind to all. He will become someone who helps others see that we are all humans. All deserve respect.

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Kristin Shaw