This is me:

Loyal to a fault.  Mama bear. Dreamer and wanderer. Optimistic. 80s music lover.  Hopeless romantic.

Curly girl when I let it be. Crazy about classic cars. Baker and dessert maker. Always reading. Always learning. 

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You can find me on FacebookTwitterThe Huffington Post, Today Parents, the Washington Post, and I can be reached at kvanderhey at hotmail dot com.

I'm a co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother show in Austin, I'm a freelance writer, with both corporate clients and features on national sites like Good Housekeeping, Women's Day, and Cosmopolitan.  For more on my writing, please see my portfolio page.

My husband, our son, and I live in one of the most fantastic cities in the country:  Austin, Texas.

A few of the posts that will tell you the most about me can be found here, and here, and here. 

Mostly, I talk about family and friends and my experiences as a parent.  But I also cover some tough topics, like sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence.  If you have a story to tell and need someone to tell it for you, contact me and I'll help you find the words.  It is freeing to unleash a secret that has weighed you down.

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