Cars 3 Now Playing!

Disney's Cars was one of the first movies we watched with our son. It's funny, and sweet, and innocent, and contains messages about integrity, humility, and community. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc, and Sally are some of my favorite characters, and voiced by some of my favorite actors.


We have been eagerly anticipating the release of Cars 3, and as soon as this last baseball tournament of the summer wraps up this weekend, we'll have some time for movies and popcorn and cars. We're talking about celluloid cars, of course, but they're beautiful all the same. 

Want to check out a few clips from the movie? Check this out:

Welcome back, Cars characters!

Are you interested in a couple of Cars 3-related activities for your kids? 

Piston cup maze:

Spot the difference:


Ka-chow!  Enjoy the show.